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Run Lightweight Toesocks [WOOL]

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Maximise your comfort by minimising bulk with the Injinji Run Lightweight series. The ultra-thin, minimalist toesock separates each toe with a thin, breathable and moisture wicking fabric layer, and features a breathable mesh top to maximise ventilation to keep your feet cool and dry. The Run Lightweight mini-crew series comes in your choice of CoolMax or Wool. For optimal moisture-management, choose the CoolMax fibre. For optimal odour control and thermal insulation, choose the Merino Wool fibre.

Injinji toesocks are designed to provide a glove-like fit for your feet. They eliminate skin-on-skin friction between the toes, and provide the cushioning and moisture-management other socks simply can’t provide. Essentially a double-sock system for the interdigital spaces, Injinji toesocks are a great choice if you suffer with blisters, corns, callouses or tinea between the toes, or toe pinch blisters. To learn more about choosing Injinji toe socks for blister prevention, click here. 


How do I determine which weight of Injinji sock I need?

The weight of a sock refers to its thickness. Injinji socks come in 4 weights (from thinnest to thickest): Lightweight Ultra-Thin (these socks); Original Weight Thin; Midweight Padded Cushioning; and Midweight with Padded Toes. The thicker they are, the more padding between your toes, but the more room they take up in your shoe. The thinner they are, the less interdigital protection you have, but the less likely you are to have cramped toes. Your perfect Injinji sock weight will depend on how much cushioning protection you would like for your toes, how wide your toes are, how much free space (width) you have in the toe box of your shoe, whether you plan on wearing any other toe protections with your toesocks (eg: tape, gel toe protectors, toe props), and aspects relating to swelling, like the duration of the activity and your foot’s propensity to swell. So, the Run Lightweight Wool Toesocks are ultra-thin and will give you significant protection between your toes, without adding excessive much bulk.

Are the Run Lightweight Toesocks quick-drying?

Wool has a tendency to hold water. So, with a 66% Merino wool content, you wouldn’t class these as quick-drying socks. However, they are thin, so that will aid in minimising drying time. One thing’s for sure, they’re much faster drying that cotton and bamboo socks, by a long way.

Is combining the sock with other protectors like gels and patches recommended?

I personally know of runners whose toes need more than a little assistance in remaining blister-free. They will wear a gel toe protector on their troublesome toe (usually under the sock), or a toe prop under the toe (usually on top of the sock), as well as their toesocks. Some people even like to tape each toe as well as wear toesocks. Is it a good idea? If it’s necessary to keep the toe(s) in question blister-free, it’s a good idea. Will it work for you? You’ll need to conduct a little trial and error find the perfect combination. Remember, the toe box is a confined space with no adjustability. But one thing’s for sure, these ultra-thin lightweight toesocks are the most likely toesocks to allow you to use additional toe protections. 

How thick are the Lightweight wool socks? Will they affect my required shoe size?

It’s difficult to provide an exact thickness, particularly because the sock will compress to some degree. But the Injinji Run Lightweight Wool Toesocks are the thinnest in the Injinji range. Will you need to go up a half-size or full-size in shoe - no! But if your toes are bordering on feeling squished at the best of times in your shoe, even these lightweight toesocks will add a little bulk. So, you may think about wearing a shoe with a wider shaped toe box - to accommodate the additional interdigital sock bulk. Altra and Topo are brands that have a much roomier toe box in terms of both width, and its overall shape. 

Can the Injinji Run Lightweight Toesocks be used for activities other than running?

Sure! You can literally wear your Injinji Run Lightweight Wool Toesocks for any activity, including running, walking, hiking, all court sports and all field sports, mowing the lawn, gym sessions, shopping, watching a movie or just a lazy weekend on the couch. Injinji toesocks are for all occasions. Wool is renowned for its thermal insulation properties, so any time your toes are likely to feel the cold, Injinji Run Lightweight Wool Toesocks are a good choice for your daily wear.

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