Sterile Blister Lance Pack - Our Bare-Bones Blister Kit

Sterile blister lance pack

Looking for a basic blister kit that has everything you need to pop your blisters safely? The Sterile Blister Lance Pack is the one you’re after. It’s our cheap little bare-bones blister kit that people have asked for. It might be basic and cheap compared to our ADVANCED and ULTRA Blister Kits. But cheap doesn’t have to mean nasty. Everything in here is medical-grade and sterile, because infection prevention is always top of mind. So, let’s take a look at what we’ve packed into the BlisterPod Sterile Blister Lance Pack. And how to use it when you need to lance your blisters. Watch the video below.

You’ll notice this is simply packed in a magic-seal bag. So it’s water-tight and not going to take up any more space than necessary in your bag or your first aid kit.

4 Blister Lance Episodes

We put this kit together with 4 blister lancing episodes in mind. So there are four sterile blister lancing implements:

  • 2 x scalpel blades
  • 2 x hypodermic needles

Scalpels are great for blister lancing. They put a good sized hole in your blister roof to allow good drainage and are less likely to seal up too quickly. But most people use hypodermic needles, to pop blister, so we’ve got them too. The needles will give you the added ability of drilling through a toenail if you get a blister or haematoma under your nail. Drilling toenails might sound dreadful. But trust me, the procedure is less painful than it looks. The pain relief on releasing that fluid will be immediate, too.

Cotton products

Next up we’ve got a packet of sterile cottonwool balls and a packet of sterile cotton buds. There are 5 in each of these. You can use these to gently ease the blister fluid out, soak up blister fluids and dry your blister before applying your dressing.

Infection control

Once you’ve lanced your blister and drained it, you’ll want to apply some antiseptic to kill any bacteria hanging around to ensure it won’t get infected. That’s what the povidone iodine wipes are for. There are four of them.

Blister dressings

Then you’ll need to put an island dressing over your lanced blister. To keep it clean and protect it from mechanical trauma. We’ve got 4 Cutiplast dressings for this.

Blister lancing instructions

Instructions on the blister lancing process is included so you’ll always have good guidance. Plus I’ve added some advice on:

  • The importance of monitoring your blister once you’ve lanced it
  • How often you should take your dressing off and look at your blister
  • What an infected blister looks like
  • What to do if your blister is already infected
  • Exactly what constitutes medical urgency when it comes to infected blisters.

Wrapping up

So as you can see, it’s a pretty thorough little compilation of items and instructions. And it's purely for popping blisters and looking after them properly. If you’re after a bit more than that, like you want more ability to prevent blisters, check out the ADVANCED Blister Kit. And if you’re planning a multiday hike or running event, check out my video on the ULTRA Blister Kit.

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