Introducing the New ENGO Heel Patches Shape

new ENGO heel patches shape

We're excited to share some fantastic news regarding a revamp of our most popular blister product. For years, you've relied on ENGO Heel Patches to keep the back of your heels blister-free during your most intense activities, whether you're pounding the pavement, tackling rugged trails, dominating the field in your favourite sport or toughing it out at work. So, what's new with the heel patches?

Well, ENGO’s inventors and manufacturers have conducted extensive research and listened to your feedback to bring you a new shape that offers even better coverage and longer-lasting protection.

new engo heel patch shape applied to shoe

Why a New Shape?

As many of you are familiar with ENGO Heel Patches, you've experienced firsthand the incredible protection and relief they provide your heels… and the back of your shoes!

However, the top corners were prone to catching on you sock as your foot entered the shoe. And yet, we rarely need protection at those top corners of the patch. So, over time, the manufacturers realized they could enhance the initial adhesion and longevity of the patch by refining the shape, and providing protection where it is needed.

Better Coverage and Longevity, All Shoe Styles

When applying patches at the back of the heel, higher is better. But different shoes are shaped differently here. Some are cut low around the ankle bones and extend high at the Achilles. Like these Merrell Moab 3s (below). Apply the patch with the middle tap pointing upwards. Having this tab up high, it’s easier to place the patch up high; and easier to guide your sock over the patch without catching it and dragging it down.

Merrell Moab 3 low at the ankle bones, high at the Achilles

In contrast, the Vans (below) are relatively flat around the ankle bones and Achilles. You can flip the ENGO Heel Patch so the top of the patch is straight/flat, like the top of your shoe.

VAns shoes straight/flat around ankle bones and heel

So, the great news is the new heel patch shape is designed to fit perfectly in all shoe styles.

Same Trusted Performance, Fresh New Design

Change can be scary. But fear not, loyal ENGO users! While the shape may have evolved, the unbeatable performance you've come to expect from ENGO heel patches remains unchanged. Their patented low-friction material still provides long-lasting relief from painful friction allowing you to push your limits without worrying about painful blisters ruining your day.

New ENGO Heel Patch dimensions

Thank you!

Thanks to the valuable feedback from our dedicated community of runners, walkers, hikers, golfers, football, tennis, volleyball, hockey, squash, netball and basketball players, and more. And a special thanks to our early testers – hand-picked from our customer base, email list or social following. If you want to be involved in product testing, please consider jumping on our newsletter list!

Upgrade Your Experience Today!

Ready to experience the next level of heel blister prevention? The revamped ENGO Heel Patches are now available for purchase on our website. Don't let discomfort hold you back – upgrade your gear and elevate your performance with the latest and greatest from ENGO and Blister Prevention!


The makers of ENGO Blister Patches are constantly innovating to bring us the best in blister prevention technology. And we’re proud to offer you the most innovative and effective blister preventions and treatments, including ENGO Patches. Our commitment to preventing blisters and enhancing your active lifestyle remains at the forefront of our philosophy.

As always, thank you for being a valued part of our community. We look forward to hearing about your experiences with the new ENGO Heel Patches and continuing to support you on your active journey.

We're dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to keep moving forward, blister-free.

Thank you for choosing Blister Prevention as your partner in staying active, comfortable, and blister-free. Here's to many more adventures together!

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