How Thick Is An ENGO Patch?

how thick is an engo patch

As a podiatrist, I’m mindful of every extra bit of “bulk” I add inside a shoe. The more I put in, the less room for the foot. It can make the shoe too tight, or it can change the fit of the shoe entirely. It’s a tricky business sometimes. I’m sure you’ve noticed this yourself with insoles, paddings or even a pair of thick socks. They can lift your heel up just that bit too much; pinch your toes a bit tighter, or make things just that bit too tight across the ball of the foot. Either way, blisters can be made worse rather than better. This article highlights ENGO Patch thickness.

ENGO Patch Thickness Came In At...

So how much room do they take up? I whipped out my trusty digital vernier caliper to find out. The thickness of the large oval ENGO Patch I measured was 0.37mm. For those of you that deal in inches, that’s 0.014 inches.

How Thick Is An ENGO Patch Compared To Other In-Shoe Additions?

If that's a little difficult to picture, here are some comparisons:

  • 0.10mm: 1 sheet of 80gsm paper
  • 0.32mm: Rigid sports tape
  • 0.37mm: ENGO Blister Patch
  • 0.40mm: Business card
  • 1.25mm: Compeed blister plaster
img src="" alt="ENGO Patches are very thin but durable " style="float: none;" /> p>

ENGO Patches are very thin, but extremely durable.

Shoe-Fit Is Unchanged!

In no small part, that’s what I love about ENGO Blister Patches. They take up next to no room. They certainly don’t change the fit of a shoe in any way, no matter where you put them: at the back of the heel, around the arch, under the ball of the foot, not even in the least flexible part of the shoe – the toebox. The thickness of an ENGO Patch is negligible.

That's Pretty Thin! How Long Do They Last?

You'd be forgiven for thinking something this thin won't last very long - that it will wear through in no time. I'm pleased to report, ENGO Patches won't wear through for around 300 miles (~500kms). And the adhesive is strong enough to keep it in place on your shoe for months, if not years, or the life of your shoe! Not only that, they reduce friction levels amazingly well compared to other friction reduction strategies like moisture management strategies and powders.

img src="" alt="ENGO PTFE Patches Selection Guide " style="float: none;" /> p>

ENGO Patches Selection Guide

Grab Your ENGO Patches Here

Wrapping Up

ENGO Patches are thin but amazingly effective and durable patches. The thickness of an ENGO Patch will not adversely effect the fit of your shoe, no matter where you apply it.

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