The Running Blister Prevention & Treatment Guide

running blister prevention and treatment
Runners are susceptible to foot blisters - there's no two ways about it. Friction and pressure aside, it's the sheer repetition of the activity that makes it so. So, here are 27 of our best running blister prevention and treatment tips to keep you on your feet and moving forward. running blister prevention and treatment tips

A) Blisters By Anatomical Location

  1. Toe blisters – From big toe to pinky toe, between the toes, on top of toes and toenail blisters
  2. Heel blisters – The biomechanics of heel blisters (3 types!) and their treatment
  3. Arch blisters – How to manage arch blisters, whether you wear orthotics or not
  4. Edge blisters – Is your blister an edge blister, and why it matters?
  5. Blisters under the ball of the foot – Because there’s nothing worse than running with these blisters
  6. The most likely spot you’ll get a blister – Sage advice for anyone training for a running event

B) Types And Stages Of Blisters You Will Encounter

7. Hot-spots – The precursor to a blister: What you can do to stop it before it starts

8. Blister prone – Wait, why do I get blisters when others don’t?

9. Blood blisters – How to manage the risks with confidence

10. Deroofed blisters – Worse than an ordinary blister and worth avoiding!

11. Maceration – Not blisters, but maceration is a terrible affliction to avoid

C) Prevention Strategies For Running Blisters

12. Gaiters – Everything you’ve wanted to know about gaiters, including DIY (Sarah Lavender Smith)

13. Lupants – Another popular one for runners – Do you know these facts?

14. Cushioning – Helps prevent blisters in two ways

15. Blister taping – What you need to know if it’s not stopping your blisters!

16. Running shoes – How to choose the best running shoes based on scientific evidence (Ian Griffiths)

17. Skin drying strategies – How do I keep my feet dry?

18. ENGO Blister Patches – Why you can’t ignore this product for running blister prevention (& treatment)!

19. Running sock selection – An overview of fipperformance for moisture management

20. Are callouses good or bad – Setting the record straight on this age-old question

21. Double socks (and toesocks) – What this means for blister prevention

D) Blister Treatment For Runners

22. Popping blisters – Should you pop a blister on your foot? When? How? 23. New demo videos included?

24. Blister treatment – How to treat a foot blister – Properly (Hint: It depends on your blister roof)

25. Blister kit contents – Three blister kits giving you different levels of preparednes

26. How to relieve friction – What it REALLY means for blister healing

26. Our best blister treatment resource – An example of blister care on the run and much more

27. Hydrocolloid blister plasters – Where to buy, how they work and the common mistakes to avoid

Bonus Blister Tips

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